Group Fitness


Some people are all about the yoga. Others love their Pilates. Still, others get really excited about cardio kickboxing. There’s always Zumba for the ones who love to dance. And of course, there’s always the classic aerobics lover. Whatever your workout style is, there’s no denying that exercising in groups is not just good for the body — it’s good for the mind and the soul!

While you can get just about the same benefits working out by yourself or with a personal trainer that you can get at a class, the truth is that there are advantages to working out in groups that you simply won’t get when doing it all on your own.


  1. 1. A group fitness class is a great place to start your fitness journey. If you are just starting on your road to better fitness, you may be a little nervous about taking that first step. You may also feel as though you’re not sure where to begin. A group fitness class is a great place to start! Group fitness takes the pressure off “knowing what to do” by guiding you through a fun and beneficial workout.
  2. 2. Fitness class is a perfect place to make friends. Of course, the social benefits of joining a fitness class simply cannot be measured. Whether you’re learning a new dance move or figuring out what a spinning class is, it’s always exciting to do it in an environment where you are stimulated socially, where you are encouraged and excited to spend time with new friends.
  3. 3. You get a workout that has been proven safe and effective. The workouts you get at your group class have been done over and over again, tested and proven safe and effective to tackle all problem areas. In yoga classes, for instance, instructors may show different variations of poses to benefit those in the class who may have joint problems. The goal of a group class is to ensure that everyone gets their workout safely and effectively.
  4. 4. An instructor will show you how to work out the right way. Your step instructor isn’t just showing you a nifty exercise you can do at home; he or she is showing you the proper way to do an exercise that, if done incorrectly, could result in injury or damage to your muscles and ligaments. Group class instructors are specially trained to help you get the most out of your workout.
  5. 5. You benefit from the structure that a consistent exercise schedule brings. Let’s face it: many people would not get out of bed if fitness time was left entirely up to them. Having a place to go at a specific day and time to work out is a great motivator for continuing an exercise regimen.
  6. 6. There’s plenty of room for progress and growth in your routine. When it comes to group fitness, there is always room to grow. As you get into the routine of your class, whether it’s Pilates or Zumba, you gradually get better and better, and you reap the benefits of regular exercise while doing something you enjoy.
  7. 7. You are more likely to stay committed to your fitness goals. It’s not just personal trainers that keep you motivated and committed to your goals; group classes have been known to do the same thing. Having a place to go regularly, where you can feel good about yourself, make friends and get closer to your fitness goals is a great incentive to staying committed to your physical health.
  8. 8. With a variety of fitness levels, you have a built-in support system. One of the best parts about joining a group fitness class is that the people in it come from many different places in their fitness journey, so they have been where you are. When you are feeling down, overwhelmed or frustrated, a group class makes for a wonderful support system to keep you motivated and inspired.
  9. 9. You also have a group to hold you accountable and push you to do your best. Likewise, when you get lazy or begin to lose focus, that same support system will hold you accountable, reminding you how important it is to stay on task and keep you focused on doing your best.
  10. 10. Fitness classes are so much fun! Who says exercising can’t be fun? Whether you’re shaking the weight off at Zumba class or balancing your way to better health with Pilates, there is no doubt that group classes provide a fun, exciting environment where you can feel great, both inside and out.

Experience the benefits of group fitness at Ultima Downtown! We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels and personalities and are open seven days a week for your convenience. We also provide supervised child care so you can work out without worries.

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