Camp Ultima Class Descriptions


These classes involve a cardio based training approach to get your heart rate up and increase caloric burn. This class uses a variety of different training formats that include 3,2,1, 20’s, and 30/30 that will challenge you in every way possible.


These classes involve weight training methods that focus on strengthening and increasing muscle endurance simultaneously. A variety of different training method are used including met con, tabata and circuits to keep things exciting and to ensure our Campers do not over train.


An intense 30 minute workout using all of your own body weight. TRX involves a lot of full body movements enhancing range of motion and flexibility all while strengthening your muscles in a very functional approach. Being only 30 minutes long the TRX class moves very fast which will enhance caloric burn and keep your heart rate up. This is a great addition to your current training regime.